Q: When are we commemorating the 1000 years?

A: In 2018, one thousand years after the Battle at Carham; around 16 miles upriver from Berwick.

Q: Why is the Battle of Carham in 1018 relevant to us in Berwick-upon-Tweed ?

A: When the Anglo-Saxon army of Northumbria was beaten at Carham by the emerging kingdom of Scotland, for the first time the River Tweed became the border between these nations of England and Scotland.
This set the scene for Berwick to become the most important town in medieval Scotland; a wealthy border trading town at the mouth of the mighty River Tweed.

Q: What will the tapestry look like?

A: It will be about 2.2 metres high and 3.3 metres long. It will illustrate our history as it unfolded over those 1000 years. It will be made of about 24 individual pieces created by community groups and individuals, illustrating the people and buildings of Berwick.
It will belong to the people of Berwick and be permanently displayed for all to see.


Q: What else is planned?

A: As well as the Living History Weekend, we hope to stage other events, so watch this space and keep up to date on Facebook and through the local press.

© 2018 Jim Herbert/Tweed 1000

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