A community celebration of 1000 years of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

The Battle of Carham took place in 1018. An Anglo-Saxon army was defeated by invading Scottish armies. The victorious Scots created the Tweed borderline between the nations of Scotland and Northumbria.

Centuries of conflict followed and the town exchanged hands no less than 13 times before finally settling into England in 1482.

At present, funding is in place for two flagship projects.

The Tweed 1000 Tapestry

Creating a tapestry for Berwick will closely involve the community. Illustrating the history and people of Berwick over 1000 years, it will involve everyone including the elderly in care homes, schoolchildren and other organisations, all under the guidance of skilled artists.

Living History Weekend

On the weekend of 21st/22nd July 2018 a two part event will be staged as part of a series of activities to be held.

  1. Medieval living history to be staged at locations close to the town’s unique fortifications

  2. An exhibition, Defending Berwick and the Border, staged in the Guildhall illustrating aspects of the turbulent history of Berwick and the Eastern Borders.

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